Today as usual all alone with my toddler. I’m so tired of being left alone and then on the other hand it’s nice because there is more money coming in from my husband working overtime. Money is super tight right now with Christmas coming and presents and you understand what all goes into it. In fact it’s so tight that we can’t host a Christmas party for our friends. Right about now I feel homesick and just being where I’m loved and cherished. I can’t be there because they are to far away from me. I am all alone here. Sometimes sitting here and trying to figure what to do with my life is not so simple. I have a toddler to take care of. Cooking and cleaning and laundry seem to never end. I want to be someone in life but who am I kidding this kind of life style is what my culture knows the women stay home and husbands work. Although sometimes I feel trapped. Don’t get me wrong I love my life sometimes and my child makes me happy. My husband can be loving at times and at times reality hits and life happens. I’m sure everyone has a story to tell and life is not as perfect as it is in movies. There is pain, hurt, lies, and life. Also on the other hand there is love, laughter, and happiness. Sometimes I wish there were more of those days. It’s just hard sometimes and today was one of those days. Tomorrow might be different.


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