Is it a warm feeling when you see someone? Is it when someone shares a life with you? Is it when someone can afford to buy you expensive things? What is Love?

Sometimes when you actually think about this question it can go deep. Especially if your questioning yourself or loved one.

Long ago before my grandfather passed away I actually saw true love on earth. He was a quiet and calm man. He was wise and selfless. Sometimes when asked about the passed and grandma, he would cried. I asked why he cried and then he would tell me stories and I learned he had a hard life. Grandma counted him as a free labor taking credit for everything. He never said a word and kept quiet and did everything he was asked to do. But one problem was that love was not a factor in their marriage.

That is not how it’s supposed to be and yet it is. When you get to know other people’s life stories it’s shocking how much just live to live and no love exists. That’s awful because what is a world with no love? Darkness and loneliness.

Love is being kind to each other in marriage or relationship. Love is having the sense to do something that will make the other person happy when they are having a bad day. Love is compromising, selfless, and kind. Loving means giving up something you want to do something for the other person that will make them happy. Love is telling the other person they are beautiful even when they are old and gray. Love is fulfilling your promises and answering for the words you speak. Love is gentle and forgiving. Small things like this is called love. Love is not words you speak but actions you take.

God is Love and loves all his creation.

John 3:16 from the Bible (KJV)

[16] For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.


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