Not long ago I heard a story over the radio about a young lady whose father recently passed away. She was shaken up by the thought of what his last words where and these words got to me to and I have been thinking about them ever since I heard this story. She goes on telling the story like this. Her father was dying of cancer. Lying on on his own bed at home with his daughter by his side he said “how much time wasted”. These words really got to her and she totally changed her life around.

I find myself thinking how much of time we just let pass with no meaning. How much we can do in that time? Iv been thinking and thinking. It’s crazy how much time passed to waste with no reason behind it what’s so ever. Sometimes it’s like go do something out there for someone but then it’s like where do I start? Every human has a purpose on earth so it’s about time we look into where we spend our time and on what. God Bless.


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