Sometimes life takes you far away into motherhood and after a while you just simply need a refreshment. Just a little something to remind you of who you are. Where you stand in life. How beautiful you are even if you have baby weight still there after years of having children.

Dare to take a break with your partner and simply getaway on a date at least. Get a babysitter or a friend to watch your kids. Reminding yourself what you have. Get away and go down memory lane and see what you come up with. You need a break to look at your life from another angle. Not to forget that you still have one another and life had even more to offer. You won’t regret looking back and figuring out how you got where you are now. Then on a refreshed head come back to your loving kiddos. Kids are a blessing but sometimes overwhelming. So take that break even if it’s just for a couple hours.


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