Sometimes when “single” people tell me all I want to do in life is get married and the sooner the better. Really??

Yes marriage is an amazing life changing thing. It’s beautiful and loving. Sometimes it’s like how did I ever get so lucky. You get to live on your own (where I’m from you can’t live with your boyfriend/girlfriend). You get to wake up to your spouse or to their snore. Just kidding but it’s sound so glamorous and inviting right? Oh but it is.

Well here is something to think about if all you want is to be married. Then read on. Marriage is a beautiful thing but it’s also a lot of hard work because we are all human. We come from different backgrounds and families. We have different personalities and views. What does one do when you clash on something? Compromise? Is that the answer well easy for someone to say when they weren’t in that situation. Compromise is hard when you got two stubborn people or two people in general. Or also when you have family and kids to think about. It’s hard work and love grows when you start to understand, care, and compromise.

Imagine this your spouse what’s to move to a city but you don’t. What next? Or your spouse wants one car and you the other? What next? Or house or kids or life in general?

Here is an example for thought.

God forbid but your loved spouse gets hospitalized and can’t do nothing for themselves. Are you sure you are willing to wipe them if need be? Or give them a shower? That’s when Love is tested and formed or broken. Have you thought about it?

It’s not just you when you enter a marriage or relationship. You have to think about the other person as well. Give it a thought before you rush into things.


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