Life is Forever??

Sitting here thinking, I came down with the flu/cold so I have time to think now. What if my life stopped right now? Will I be ready to leave earth behind? What will I tell God when I see him face to face? These thoughts have been coming and going.

Is life forever or is it a glimpse of eternity?

I always thought life is an amazing thing. As I am getting older I realize that life is very short and getter shorter as we speak. I was watching a movie today and when it was over I wondered what was the purpose of me wasting time so carelessly. I could have done something more productive. Now I can’t get that time back. It might be depressing to read this blog but it’s reality.

Another day will come God willing and the sun will shine and my child will laugh oh so beautiful this life is. My husband a caring, loving soul he is. I am blessed that’s for sure.

Stay positive and laugh more often


It’s a beautiful morning…

Mornings, most people don’t like mornings. I on the other hand love them. I look at them as a chance to do something more or different. A brand new day to start all over. Something I end up doing the same thing over and over again but it’s ok because the next day comes and it’s morning. A fresh start emerged at the horizon and life starts to look more pleasing.

The sound of my child giggling in the crib makes it even more appealing. God gave us everything a fresh start each day and new beginning. Yet how do some not believe in him? That is their choice of coarse. It amazes me how lucky we are to wake up each morning because some aren’t so lucky to see a new morning.

Do we take it for granted?

Sometimes in the low points of life people wish morning wouldn’t come. Why? Is life yours to give and take? Yea we are all human and hardships do come for some worse than others but they are our hardships to learn from.

The morning will still come and shine it’s beautiful sun in your eyes. Remember what you have to be grateful for not what you lost.

Are they really Mistakes?

Relaxing on a sunday night and going down memory lane, questions started roaming through my head. One of the questions really got me thinking.

Are mistakes there for us to not repeat them or are they made to teach us something?

You know how people say “learn from other people’s mistakes” do we really learn from them? For most part no because we are all human and humans are curious. Yes it would be easier if we did but we try it out for ourselves and when we get hurt we remember and not do it again.

So do we really repeat our mistakes? Or are they lessons for the future?

As I sit here I wonder. On the other hand I was thinking of the big mistakes Iv made in my life and I have not repeated them. So they were there to teach me something or to stop me from doing something in my life. Maybe to redirect me in a different direction.

That is the only reason I could come up with that made sense to me.

What do you think?

Marriage? Or No?

Sometimes when “single” people tell me all I want to do in life is get married and the sooner the better. Really??

Yes marriage is an amazing life changing thing. It’s beautiful and loving. Sometimes it’s like how did I ever get so lucky. You get to live on your own (where I’m from you can’t live with your boyfriend/girlfriend). You get to wake up to your spouse or to their snore. Just kidding but it’s sound so glamorous and inviting right? Oh but it is.

Well here is something to think about if all you want is to be married. Then read on. Marriage is a beautiful thing but it’s also a lot of hard work because we are all human. We come from different backgrounds and families. We have different personalities and views. What does one do when you clash on something? Compromise? Is that the answer well easy for someone to say when they weren’t in that situation. Compromise is hard when you got two stubborn people or two people in general. Or also when you have family and kids to think about. It’s hard work and love grows when you start to understand, care, and compromise.

Imagine this your spouse what’s to move to a city but you don’t. What next? Or your spouse wants one car and you the other? What next? Or house or kids or life in general?

Here is an example for thought.

God forbid but your loved spouse gets hospitalized and can’t do nothing for themselves. Are you sure you are willing to wipe them if need be? Or give them a shower? That’s when Love is tested and formed or broken. Have you thought about it?

It’s not just you when you enter a marriage or relationship. You have to think about the other person as well. Give it a thought before you rush into things.

All Moms need a break…

Sometimes life takes you far away into motherhood and after a while you just simply need a refreshment. Just a little something to remind you of who you are. Where you stand in life. How beautiful you are even if you have baby weight still there after years of having children.

Dare to take a break with your partner and simply getaway on a date at least. Get a babysitter or a friend to watch your kids. Reminding yourself what you have. Get away and go down memory lane and see what you come up with. You need a break to look at your life from another angle. Not to forget that you still have one another and life had even more to offer. You won’t regret looking back and figuring out how you got where you are now. Then on a refreshed head come back to your loving kiddos. Kids are a blessing but sometimes overwhelming. So take that break even if it’s just for a couple hours.


Did you sometimes wonder why?

Some things happen and everyone seems to have answers but nobody makes the situation go away or better. Everyone seems to know what you should do next what to say or to whom to say it to. Yet they still don’t answer why? Sometimes a human just needs a hug. Not being pointed what was done wrong and how it should have been and what should be done next. Sometimes someone just needs a hug and someone to listen to them. It seems like everyone knows how you should live your life except for you. Yet your the one living it. That seems odd doesn’t it. Then why are we letting people rule our life.

At the end of you life your the only one responsible to answer to God how you lived your life not anyone else. Yet everyone seems to point and demand you live your life a certain way.

Live your life the way you want to because at the end of the day it’s between God and you.

Are you wasting time?

Not long ago I heard a story over the radio about a young lady whose father recently passed away. She was shaken up by the thought of what his last words where and these words got to me to and I have been thinking about them ever since I heard this story. She goes on telling the story like this. Her father was dying of cancer. Lying on on his own bed at home with his daughter by his side he said “how much time wasted”. These words really got to her and she totally changed her life around.

I find myself thinking how much of time we just let pass with no meaning. How much we can do in that time? Iv been thinking and thinking. It’s crazy how much time passed to waste with no reason behind it what’s so ever. Sometimes it’s like go do something out there for someone but then it’s like where do I start? Every human has a purpose on earth so it’s about time we look into where we spend our time and on what. God Bless.

Imagination or Reality….

Today as usual all alone with my toddler. I’m so tired of being left alone and then on the other hand it’s nice because there is more money coming in from my husband working overtime. Money is super tight right now with Christmas coming and presents and you understand what all goes into it. In fact it’s so tight that we can’t host a Christmas party for our friends. Right about now I feel homesick and just being where I’m loved and cherished. I can’t be there because they are to far away from me. I am all alone here. Sometimes sitting here and trying to figure what to do with my life is not so simple. I have a toddler to take care of. Cooking and cleaning and laundry seem to never end. I want to be someone in life but who am I kidding this kind of life style is what my culture knows the women stay home and husbands work. Although sometimes I feel trapped. Don’t get me wrong I love my life sometimes and my child makes me happy. My husband can be loving at times and at times reality hits and life happens. I’m sure everyone has a story to tell and life is not as perfect as it is in movies. There is pain, hurt, lies, and life. Also on the other hand there is love, laughter, and happiness. Sometimes I wish there were more of those days. It’s just hard sometimes and today was one of those days. Tomorrow might be different.

What is Love…

Is it a warm feeling when you see someone? Is it when someone shares a life with you? Is it when someone can afford to buy you expensive things? What is Love?

Sometimes when you actually think about this question it can go deep. Especially if your questioning yourself or loved one.

Long ago before my grandfather passed away I actually saw true love on earth. He was a quiet and calm man. He was wise and selfless. Sometimes when asked about the passed and grandma, he would cried. I asked why he cried and then he would tell me stories and I learned he had a hard life. Grandma counted him as a free labor taking credit for everything. He never said a word and kept quiet and did everything he was asked to do. But one problem was that love was not a factor in their marriage.

That is not how it’s supposed to be and yet it is. When you get to know other people’s life stories it’s shocking how much just live to live and no love exists. That’s awful because what is a world with no love? Darkness and loneliness.

Love is being kind to each other in marriage or relationship. Love is having the sense to do something that will make the other person happy when they are having a bad day. Love is compromising, selfless, and kind. Loving means giving up something you want to do something for the other person that will make them happy. Love is telling the other person they are beautiful even when they are old and gray. Love is fulfilling your promises and answering for the words you speak. Love is gentle and forgiving. Small things like this is called love. Love is not words you speak but actions you take.

God is Love and loves all his creation.

John 3:16 from the Bible (KJV)

[16] For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Are you happy with your life? is 12 years of life to short?

I want to tell you a situation in my life. Not long ago a 12 year old boy went riding his four wheeler and having fun like usual with his father. There is one thing the boy or father could not foresee and that is that is a couple minutes the boys life will be cut short. The four wheeler overturned and the boy fractured his neck. There was to much blood going to his brain and the doctors could not do anything. As the pressure kept getting higher and higher the doctors didn’t have a choice but to take him off life support. Then less then twenty four hours the boy passed away in the arms of his loving family that was surrounding him. The father was devastated and was the mother for that was the only son they had. As prayers went to heaven to spare the life of this young boy, God had another plan. This sounds very harsh and unfair but we as people won’t know why this happened. When we all come to heaven that’s when the question why will be answered. So if you think your life sucks think again.

Are you happy with your life? 

If the answer to that question is yes then keep living and inspiring people who are less fortunate. If the answer is no then think back of what the reason might be that made your life missearable and change your life. As long as you are living your life can change. There is no perfection in this world but there is happiness.