Life depends on what?

Starring off into the open sea how beautiful it sets there. How peaceful and inviting.

As thoughts race through my mind I could only think that an ocean has many sides to it. Peaceful, scary, dangerous, and etc. Sometimes going for a swim you could be blinded with what’s around you. Could be nothing but water but sometimes a dangerous creature that can take you life. Looking at it from the shore it can’t be more peaceful. Yet all of this is a creation by God.

Even the ocean has its limits. Why do we sometimes think people are limitless. A human is nothing compared to a peaceful or roaring ocean. If an ocean is told where not to cross it’s barriors then what is our life? God is the only one that can give life and take life. Set boundaries where they are needed and create beauty where there is nothing but desert. Our lives depend on him.


Too Many Tragedies….

Tragedy after Tragedy…. hurricanes, earthquakes, shootings, and etc. Innocent life after life is taken. Sometimes people ask the question why and others have nothing to say. The Bible does indicate that these are the signs of last days. The words of the Bible are happening but do we notice it or not it’s up to us. Where to turn to who to blame when loved ones go and we stay behind. Pain and tears flood our hearts but who do we talk to? Where do we turn for answers? So many questions and no answers. Well my friends from personal experience I can tell you God is the answer! God can heal broken hearts. Walk with the lord and he will never leave you. If God brought you to it he will bring you through it. Talk to him when your alone and tell him all your fears and troubles. Kneel down before him even when it’s hard. But to tell you the truth it’s easier to say then do and I know that from first hand experience. Let’s say God is the light at the end of the tunnel so hang in there there will be lighter days ahead. One day when we reach heaven there shall be no tears no pain for eternity. We shall meet again with our loved ones.

As Far as I was told…

I was born into a Christian home in another country, and my parents migrated to USA when I was just a toddler. Since then I have not went back to visit my homeland since my relatives are all here already. We started our life here living in a big city but my father hated it so he moved us all to a small town across United States. I was only 9 years of and didn’t know any better. Living in the country was pretty, calm, and relaxing. When I would visit the city the busy streets, horns, sirens, and the busy life I felt as if I belonged. I wanted to move back to the city but in my traditional family that was not allowed. I could only move out if I was married. Since at that time I was not I was to be home with my parents. I remember going to a small school where all preschool through 12th grade were all under one roof. I was very shy and chubby so I got picked on, pushed around and bullied. I remember one moment where we got a new student, I was so excited because she was an immigrate to and we spoke the same native language. Oh I was excited alright but to my surprise she turned against me and along with the “popular” crowd started to call me awful names, push me around, order me to do things I didn’t want to, and etc. I was broken at that point I would cry a lot but life went on. Now I am a better me because of all the bulling. I forgave everyone a long time ago and it all just became a memory. I also remember having two friends that were bullied as well. We would always do everything together and one day I didn’t eat lunch and Shery gave me a bracelet, which I have to this day, just so I would cheer up. There were other people like Evan, Michael, and Courtney. They were nice to me although they were from the popular crowd. Then soon 5th grade my family moved and I went to a new school. There I was more accepted and had more friends. I was an honor student and I was good at art and won several ribbons and even one trophy. I had friends that hated each other but liked me so it was always me in the middle of things. Shortly after 9th grade I got homeschooled. I had to work and go to college I was only 16 years of age.  Mostly what I regret is one day many years down the road I met my friend Shery at walmart but pretended not to know who she was. That I remember to this day, I don’t know why I did what I did but that is one regret and I wish I can go back and apologize. This is abit of my past. There is a saying in my language that basically says : Don’t spit into the well because one day you will have to drink from it. That saying is true because that new girl in grade school that turned on me is my sister-in-law now.

What is Life….

Hello beautiful people of this world and to you who is reading this I want to say, a big warm welcome and hello. Alittle but about my self I am a interestingly odd person I am also a very blunt person so don’t be offended please. Sometimes I may say something that might be to much information but this is a story of sorrow, love, regrets, and etc. which is all my life story.

Any way my grammar is not so good as English is my second language. I grew up in a small town and sometimes wished I was in the city as if I knew I belonged there. I am now in the city and trying to enjoy life. My life has been a big secret to all my relatives and family. So I came on here to really talk about what is truly on the inside of my secretive life. Don’t worry I love my life so this isn’t something depressing . The truth has to come out so I’m here in the middle of the night typing away. Maybe some day I’ll reread this with my grandchildren. This is a beginning of a long journey of my life. Keep looking out for my next blog and I’ll tell you more of my story.

treat people the way you want to be treated and stay kind